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Greenland 2014 2015

The series is the story of a greenlandic community based in Uummannaq, an island in the north west of Greenland, 590km from the Arctic Circle. ‘Uummannaq’ means “Heart-shaped” in Greenlandic language. This name comes from the shape of its mountain. In its surrounding, held to the rock, live 1200 inhabitants who are essentially hunters and fishermen. The island hides many treasures: a marble quarry, mummies from an ancient civilization, or Santa’s home. The lifestyle is still traditional and closed to nature but westernalisation is taking over and Greenland is steadily modernizing :

Change is happening: the climate is changing. Westernization is progressing and society is transforming. The landscape is now affected by modern infrastructures. Cars and scooters are slowly replacing sled dogs. TV’s mobil phones facebook are trendy! Pollution is increasing with the import of modern products. In town, the waste is burnt in the open air, as there is no waste facility. The health of people is worrying. Many are leaving for the city, Nuuk to find job and modern life.

This series shows the daily life of a metamorphosis population. greenland is torn between traditions and modernity, ecological disaster and greatness, withdrawal and resistance.

April 2014 - March 2015 With the support of the Glenat company