American War Criminals
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America is unbelievably polite to it’s war criminals. For starters, we never call them “was criminals”. We don’t let their great failures preclude them from going on television news shows as experts about the very things they should be in jail for. Our media, considerate and deferential to power, goes to great lengths not to bring up their crimes. Instead of sending them to jail, we send them to the private sector to run schools, think tanks and consulting firms, to parlay their failures into successful careers where they amass vast personal fortunes safe in the knowledge that they will never be brought to justice for their war crimes.

When one looks at the post WW II prosecution of government officials on war crimes and apply those same standards (Nuremburg Principals, Geneva convention, and most recently the ICC) to the way wars have been conducted by the United States it’s worth wondering (it begs the question) what makes Hermann Goring a war criminal and not Robert McNamara or Donald Rumsfeld? Why Omar al-Bashir and not George W. Bush? Why Charles Taylor and not Dick Cheney? Why Milosevic and not Kissinger?

Here images are printed using an inkjet printer onto acetate. the ink inundates the plastic sheets that, unlike inkjet paper which captures and hold the ink to show an image, do not accept or absorb it. The pigments pool and separate. It distorts, bloats, abstracts in unpredictable ways. Yet, the new image holds some fidelity to the old. The figure’s dysmorphic form appears somehow familiar