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William Miller Brooklyn, NY, United States

Years ago, William Miller rescued a damaged Polaroid SX-70 camera from a yard sale, and learned how to control and accentuate aspects of the camera's flaws. Yet the images themselves are always a surprise.
About William Miller

William Miller is a veteran photojournalist and native New Yorker. He studied photography at Bard College with Larry Fink and Stephen Shore. His work has appeared in Saveur, Harpers, Paris Match, Spin, GQ, Stern, the New York Post, the Daily News, The Globe and Mail among others and his clients have included the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Human Rights Watch, Mercy Corps, Doctors Without Borders and Sundance Channel.

His art photography has also been seen in Huffington Post, Slate, Lenscratch, F-Stop Magazine, Lens Culture, Hyperallergic, Feature Shoot, El Pais, The Daily Mail and won the 2011 Celeste Prize for Photography.

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