The Gift
Project info

The Gift is a Story of the Unglamorous and the Overlooked.
In all my work each project has a dual narrative with a personal intimate story alongside a broader societal theme. I use paranoid fiction as a parallel metaphor to contemporary problems and explanation of the way they affect culture and people. The narrative constantly shifts and polarises from perpetrator to victim, within a story decipherable through the same dual narrative acting as a subterfuge to a depraved intimately experienced reality, following a polemic with an obscure rhetoric of repayment that can be more easily seen by both. The truth in the gift isn’t what you might at first see.

What is unseen is of great power and a the way of seeing. The Gift is a story of life and death, of desire and the inability to avoid it; a story of self-destruction brought on by the brutal honesty of repeatedly failed attempts at self-fulfilment.
There are overarching themes that allude to social cleansing through otherness.

I empathise with so many aspects of such vulnerability, as it is a personal reflection of myself, my 'black mirror', which I have had to endure. In all my work there is a synchronicity that aligns with recent events. In both my life and contemporary society at large..

I would like to exhibit these prints and others where possible within a gallery exhibition including sound interactive images sealed in airtight containers . I would hope to treat them with outside contaminates that would slowly alter the image but not destroy it straight away (don’t kill it, ill it) and reveal a second hidden image which mutates over time offering a metaphoric control to the watching audience that reflects its narrative.Latent. By using a poetic dual narrative, Stephen aims to reveal lesser known truths currently at large in society more easily seen by the victims of this truth.