Unconditional Freedom
Project info

What started as a plastic exercise on virtual reality became a beautiful and sad life experience that I have titled "Unconditional Freedom". It started as an innocent game where a prisoner could teletransport himself to a determined place outside prison walls, thanks to the magic of photography.

It seemed simple enough. I would ask young men and women confined in Bogotá District jail (Carcel Distrital de Bogotá): If you were outside, where would you most enjoy your dreams of freedom? I would take note of these places, grab my camera and photograph them, print these photos out in giant banners and take them to jail, place them as a backdrops in the prison yard and there, the inmates could interact with their chosen location as I would photograph these moments of "unconditional happiness".

But what I didn't expect is that this game of freedom I was playing became a devastating mirror of our youth.