Project info

A photo series that captures the true essences of young artists from different backgrounds. No shirts, bras or any article of clothing that can be used as a figurative mask to hide behind, except for the body paint on their skins. This leaves the subjects in a vulnerable state that makes them commit to true selves. Although each person may have the courage to pose half nude in front of camera, it is the fact that they are willing to face their own insecurities and overcome them. The purpose of this series is to show people how similar, but different we all are. It exposes the true self of a person. For the insecure, it is the ability to feel happy and confident in their body. For the bold, it is the understanding that's ok to be afraid. For the lonely, it is the comforting feeling that they are a part of something bigger. No judgement or discrimination to hold us back from being who we are, which is human.