Eye Winker, Tom Tinker...
Project info

Since I was a small child, I have possessed a hyper-awareness of the unfolding of time, the fickle nature of memory, and the experiences that collectively make us who we are — all of the things that are often easily lost as we grow and become. As an elixir to these instincts, I make photographs because I want to locate the lost secrets, rediscovering truths. Intuitively following my cameras like divining rods, I’ve spent my relationship with image-making seeking authenticity. This is not some all encompassing truth about the world, but rather a search for the little truths, our distinct stories, revealing and connecting us as humans. Amongst these photographic meanderings is a collection of loves, longings and losses, dreams and despairs. It has often been said that my work is “nostalgic for a moment that has not yet been and yet [is] acutely aware of it’s inevitable disappearance”. Over the years, this has taken on many different trajectories ranging from documentary explorations to narrative driven, toy-camera collage work; an ongoing examination of people’s intimate spaces in “The Unmade Bed” to some of my newest work which explores motherhood and the domestic.
The work included in this submission is a cross-section of my interests, focusing on young children, the development of their relationships to both themselves and the world, and their intimate circles. Grappling with a daily balance between family and an academic career leaves little time or funding for much else as the energies commonly required by young children easily consume the creative forces required of private artistic/creative practices. Regardless, I am smitten by the innately creative cycles of the human condition and am compelled to forge on amidst the often chaotic throes of motherhood. As time continues to careen past me, I find a sense of duty in witnessing and contemplating the play, the growth, and the complex construction of self taking place on my own domestic stage and those of close friends.