"Yattemiyou(Give a shot)" 2010
Project info

The National Museum of Art, Osaka held an exhibition called "AVANT-GARDE, CHINA" featuring contemporary Chinese artists, especially those who emerged during 80's, and it brought me a big impact. The exhibition spotted on the social issues that China connotated and radically expressed them using new methods such as performing art and installation, in addition to usual mean like 2D(paiting, drawing) and 3D(sculpture). I felt explosive energy and positive attitude without fear and they gave me a variety of choice of which media to use and the motivation to make actions without hesitation. (In Japanese, it is translated to "Yattemiyou".) It is my ongoing motif and, as an example, I try to introduce the mass an any small opportunities to meet art on daily basis. The common keywords of my work are "uniqueness", "kitsch" and "provoking" so I collaborate gadgets, models and places into one single image; something in everyone's everyday life from ordinary places such as home depots and second-hand shops with someone who have certain intensity in their appearance at somewhere that inspire me in any way. My main focus is on visual stimulation, therefore, I use vivid colors and tricky items.