Country Limit
Project info

Produced between 2011 and 2013, the Country Limit series covers a broad geographical zone that extends from the vast plains to the outskirts of American cities in several States. The title refers to the ‘City Limit’ sign that marks the official entrance into every American town.

With a combination of social description and topographical observation, Country Limit presents photographs of Americans and of American landscapes that are strongly marked by human activity. Exploring the relationship between man and territory, an approach inherited from authors such as Robert Adams or Lewis Baltz, the overall body of work recounts the fragility of a certain America: fragile human existence and fragile nature, together under pressure from the ceaseless demands of contemporary society. Within this narrative are references to the myths of pioneers and majestic landscapes, and to a certain nostalgia for yesterday’s adventures and a bygone era.

Country Limit may reveal a timeworn country whose equilibrium seems threatened by its own excesses. It also shows a touching and vulnerable nation seized by doubt and struggling to confront the contradictions of a changing world.

The project was selected for the 2013 edition of the Festival Voies Off at Arles, France. Part of "Country Limit" series has been shown at UNSEEN Photo Fair – Amsterdam, Holland in Sept 2013.