Backstage of Prague Fashion Week
Project info

Catwalk, perfection and beauty.Nevertheless, the world which would be non existent without preparations, without dressing rooms, make up artist, hairdressers, stylists, choreographers and fashion designers. Plain nudity. Natural beauty hallmarking ordinariness. Imperfection of curves in ease. Conflict of symetries. Havoc. These are the attributes standing in contrast to the flawless beauty of a catwalk.The project has spontaneously started in 2011 when I peaked behind the scene to say “hi” to my friends. Few clicks of the shutter later it has become 6 years long run focused onto the world of fashion’s backstage, so often ignored by other photographers. symmetries The collection created over time represents a distinctive insight to this annual fashion event, and pursues the process of creation and perishing of various events with the Fashion Week epithet. The photographs were published as a self standing fotostory in Harper’s Bazaar magazine and some were used as a visual for the upcoming edition of FW. This black and white glimpse does not want to be scandalous, neither to overact. It only silently watches, does not disturb and documents with the casual overlap of an artistic testimony.