Project info

The project, Ladies and dogs were taken during my journeys in Europe. In 2013 I was commissioned by the Eksjö museum and the council to work with the project locally. I documented women and their dogs in Eksjö (a small town in Sweden) where the project was exhibited in 2014 at the museum.
"Something about a city", is a documentation and celebration to London and its people. At the same time I was trying to find out why the city had such a big impact on me. I lived in London for altogether 13 years and started the documentation in 1998. The project has been exhibited in both London and Sweden and resulted in in 3 books and a short film: http://www.majlisandersen.com/london/

At the moment I´ m working with parallel projects: In a project I call “Standing“ I´m doing a research about our values and dreams, where I´m photographing and interviewing people. In another project
I´ m looking at our way of communication. The pictures in this project are taken in the street to get the instant feeling of the moment. In aprox 1 year I´m also looking forward to co-operate with schools and organisations in a couple of projects. The aim is to exhibit and publish the projects in books. A short film is also under progress where my pictures are highlighted.