Unknown Nudity
Project info

Whether for a ritual, protection or entertainment, masks are as old as the earliest civilizations. To cover the face, these cultural objects hide the identity of those who wears them and the expressiveness of their unique features.

In Unknown Nudity, masks not only reinforce the concept of taboo and the need to cover their faces to denounce without receiving retaliation from the society that does not want to look their defects to the face. They also avoid customization, the corporeality of those characters. Thus, anyone staring the picture can feel which role they incarnating in the society.

There is a loneliness in how these characters experience taboos. They are beings who live in deprived and closed spaces, intimate and impersonal, in which they stand before an observer as cold as distant who judges them in their essence.


Unknown Nudity is an original and personal fine art project consisting of a series four photographs. This series concept addresses nudity as a social taboo and is represented by four characters who embody different portions of the community and its ways of living the social pressure involved. So we have a victim, who suffers repression; a neutral, who does not feel that there is even a problem; a hero, fighting to end the oppressive behaviors; and a villain, who encourages and perpetuates stereotypes of the system. They all have their faces covered by handmade masks created especially for this project and destroyed after being photographed.