Attentiveness - Theme 5/7: Plants
Project info

4 years ago, I have decided to buy a full frame DSLR. That was the turning point for me. I have realized that a person can be involved from the decisive moment to prints. Here turned my hobby of photography into devoted endeavor. At the beginning, I have done the clichés. I have seen a nice picture somewhere, I found where it was taken, been there done that. Like many professional photographers, I have thought about going to Namibia, Canada, Norway, etc. Two years ago, I came to realize that a good photo can even be in our backyard. Good composition and good lighting is the main prerequisite of a good photo.
In order to entertain this idea, I have started to explore the neighborhood. The railway of Switzerland (SBB) has based on zone systems. Entire country is divided into zones. I have designated 10 km semicircle which corresponds with 5 SBB zones around me. As a result, I have reached to these picture either by walking or with a bike: a very environmental approach. At the end of 2016, I have decided to collect all such photos in a book. In order to organize myself better, I have designated following themes: people, landscape, city and towns, architecture, plants, animals and hidden forms. When I picture the people, I try to capture from an angle that they would not be recognizable. Some of the results of this theme, I have posted in Lens Culture - Magnum Photographers Photo Completion.
I will name my book "Aufmerksamkeit" which means attentiveness. When I walk around or ride my bike, I keep looking for forms. I always have my camera with me. If the light and weather conditions are good, I capture it. If not, I keep in my mind. I also keep observing the effects of changing light conditions on such subjects. When I see that the conditions are met, I go there an take that picture. In such way, I keep collecting the images of mundane in a very special way. It is a great feeling, when a person from the same area sees my pictures and surprises about the way they look. Yes, it has been sitting there and waiting to be noticed.
The pictures in my portfolio contains some samples from the seven themes.