Earth's Self Correcting Systems 2014 ongoing
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The best way, I propose, to describe the effects of global warming and climate change is through the notion of the Sublime. Reflecting on what the notion has meant to generations in the past, my 21 Century update is to consider the Ecological Sublime. Ironically, now, the sublime experience is standing in awe of what we've done to nature and how the Earth's self correcting systems are responding to our systems of greedy commerce inflicting degradation of our Earth and its resources.

Earth’s Self Correcting Systems, Gold Coast and Alaska series, is a work which considers human induced climate change.  The series is a response to our environmental predicament and advances a notion of a sublime. We stand before nature wondering what on earth we have unleashed.  This series references the vocabulary of the sublime, to visualize impacts of climate change on coastal settlements. It proposes that the most relevant contemporary sublime is the ecological sublime. 

Through a mix of field experiences and ecology research, digital technology I create sublime environments. Specifically, The Sublime that we will face in 10 years time. Canadian, Marshal McLuhan wrote: 'I think of art, at its most significant as a DEW line, a Distant Early Warning system that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it. The climate crises is impossible to ignore, and we each have to act in a responsible way to care for our earth.