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“Peloteros”: the name with to baseball and softball players are known in the Caribbean
Baseball is considered by Dominicans as "The king of sports”. Introduced in the country by Cuban immigrants in the nineteenth century, it is today, a sign of identity for its people being the largest exporter to major league of the United States of America. But not all Dominicans who play baseball or "pelota" (as they call it,) outside Dominican Republic do it in the big clubs of American or National League. Most of them are emigrants who have had to leave their country looking for a better life and a best future.
In Spain, the Dominican community is one of the largest immigrant communities and, of course, continues to play baseball. With the arrival of good weather, season starts and improvised baseball fields begin to emerge on hundreds of Spanish cities. Every Sunday becomes a day party not only for hit the ball and run the bases. It is also a day to live together and remember the roots of a country that has been left behind. Players and their families, all come together for a day to live the Dominican way and enjoy the food, the drinks, the music and above all, a good game of “pelota”. Let´s start the game! Plaibol!