Early August. Late September
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Holidays has begun, August starts in the calendar and we all run to the beach searching for sun, sea and fun. Our bags are full of swimsuits, bikinis, sandals, sunscreen and the wish that time stop. Hotels are full, restaurants cannot cope and is difficult to find a place to put the towel. However, we are happy or at least try to be, because on the beach, where the sand is golden and the sun shines there is no place for boredom. While we are swimming in the ocean or rested in a colorful hammock, we don´t have to think about what we have left behind. Luckily, it only matters today because we believe that tomorrow will never come. Unfortunately, tomorrow comes. August is over and September comes. Our holidays finished and the sun does not shine as before. The beaches are almost deserted and where there was fun, now reigns a strange sense of melancholy. The woman in the ice cream store is bored and the sandals seller looks like another item in his shop. Some refuse to believe that summer is over and in a display of courage tumbling water. But we all know that autumn is approaching and so far detained reality await. There is still a year to start again in August.