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I have been creating works on various kinds of maternal love.
Is maternal love something all women posses?
Does all women display maternal love when they bear a child?
My maternal love changes its face ever minute. Sometimes it shows warm and selfless love but changes to cold and possessing obsession.
What is maternal love all about?

When my daughter was sleeping, it was my daily routine to make sure that she was breathing.The fear of loosing her has haunted me persistently. I experienced the bleeding on the eighth week of my pregnancy, was hospitalized for three times, and was strapped to bed for ten months and she was delivered by Caesarean section. I haven’t seen the umbilical cord that connected me to my daughter.

At the age of three,she grew to be eighty-seven centimeters tall and thirteen and half kilograms in weight. My arms were not strong enough to hold her, so I let her run freely. I was watching her every steps, worried that she might fall and get hurt. After a while, I realized that I am at my daughter's eye level. Seeing how ordinary things to me as an adult with a height of one hundred fifty-five centimeters were many “jewels” in the eyes of eighty-seven centimeters tall.

On every occasion,I took photos of her “jewels”,and I felt a strong connection with my daughter.More I shoot photos to connect with her; it's getting stronger, more colorful, and reveals itself - my daughter and I are different personality.

She is three years and eight month old now, and she calls shiny or
beautiful important items,“jewels.” -for me,she is a “jewel”.