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Heavily Loaded
Immigration and trades of the 21st Century

Since when people started sailing the populations living on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea used to move in the Mediterranean basin to sell goods to their neighbours.
Therefore Phoenicians merchants founded, about three thousand years ago, the city of Palermo (Italy). Their aim was to establish a port on the European continent to expand their trades.

Today, every Saturday, from that port a crowd of Tunisian immigrants gather to take a ferry to Tunis and continue those trades.
Some of them are going home to spend holidays while others are professional sellers who go back and forth every week. However, almost all of them bring something to sell.

Since economic crisis hit Europe a lot of immigrants lost their jobs. A car and a small budget was all they needed to star this new business.
As well as more than three thousand years ago, today those people cross endless the sea to buy and sell goods.

In the era of globalisation, when huge cargos ship products from a corner of the world to another, this group of people carry on old cars all the goods they are able to.
Rusty bicycles, dusty scooters and also matrasses, furniture and stoves are piled on the roofs of those cars.
All the objects thrown away in Europe come back to life in Africa.