Static Equilibrium (on progress)
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According to the classical Mechanics, a body is in static equilibrium when after applying a force and moving it, this body comes back to its original position. The classic example of this type of equilibrium is a sphere inside a bowl. If you push the sphere, this roll inside of the bowl and after a while returns to its initial position. In this physical model, actions and external forces applied to the bodies affect them only momentarily.

However, this scientific model, it’s just a theoretical situation that happens in the real world only in a very limited way. Returning to the example of the sphere, it is always possible to apply a force that pull the sphere outside of the bowl, making impossible the return to its initial position.

I’ve always had a special attraction to the images in which the compositional and formal elements create a certain harmony, a kind of balance. These images produce me an inner peace. The feeling that there is a certain order in everything around us.

However, as in the model of the sphere, I have the certainty that that order is a fiction, something nonexistent in reality.

Pictures in this series intent to reflect this tension (when reality shows me that order and security that I search around me exists only in my head). But I have the feeling I should keep searching.