Getting lost is wonderful
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Obscurity as descent, inner journey in territories and mysterious dimensions, where darkness prevails, gloomy over wasteland almost unknown dense of glacial atmospheres.
The photographer Massimiliano Pugliese got lost deliberately in these enigmatic parallel landscapes, in these inner places, looking for those images registered and layered in his memory and in his Ego, that represent his own personal culture about mass media and music, acquired during the years.
The characters, the actors of these images find themselves totally alone, lost in gloomy "lynchian" atmospheres that give the impression of looking for a vital protection: as nocturnal insects, they are attracted to light sources that offer them a safe shelter from the black sidereal dark, enveloping and threatening.
All the individual experiences of loss and bewilderment, as terrible and shocking they are, always provide an opportunity for an exhaustive knowledge, often "illuminating". Massimiliano Pugliese doesn't need to tell a story, his photography renders images in an Experience of inestimable value, which is characteristic of Man, and that most of us have already experienced or will face in the future.
Losing yourself to find yourself, finding yourself to knowing yourself with absolute sincerity.

Bestselected - Pandolfi Vanni -