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In 2006 I participated in the one-month intensive course ‘Ecovillage Design Education’, a pilot program of the Global Ecovillage Network and Gaia Education, endorsed by the United Nations Institute for Training & Research, that run in 9 countries, and ever since has continued to grow succesfully. In my experience, one of the most comprehensive, hands-on and transformative programs on sustainable living.
The environmental and financial crises that are devastating many countries these last years have caused more and more people to realize the value of such alternative models of living and working, and numerous community-based initiatives starting to plant roots. Topics include: conflict resolution, nonviolet communication, participatory education, permaculture, group facilitation, bioregionalism, voluntary simplicity and solidarity, genuine prosperity indicators, socially engaged spirituality, life coaching and empowerment, celebrating life through art, transformations of consciousness, social enterprises, ecological technologies, living and learning pedagogy, land preservation and rehabilitation, direct democracy.
Our mainstream media rarely covers such positive and hopeful examples, and I believe they not only deserve more coverage, but are also urgently needed in our current ecological and financial tipping point. These images are the starting point of a broader coverage on ecovillages and grassroots movements on sustainable living.