Project info

Ngei 1

Every day at sunrise, NGEI 1 development youth group trucks collect and work off the garbage of Harakuma and Karasani, districts of Mathere slum in Nairobi. The garbage collection takes place on the alley of the slum, with the use of a yellow Mitsubishi Canter. Once the collection phase is over, the truck goes to Dandora, the biggest dumping site of Nairobi. Dandora is a humongous space with mountains of trash, where it takes several minutes along the dusty roads to find the right spot to unload the garbage. When finally empty, the trucks go back to Huruma, giving a short ride to whomever needs it.
Before NGE1 settled up this service, many of the streets of Huruma and Karasani were impracticable and insalubrious.

The reason I have chosen Polaroids for this project is because
was the easiest and fastest way to give a copy of the portraits and the landscapes to the people I was with. Each of this picture, as a matter of fact, has been shoot twice.

This reportage has been done within a larger research in collaboration with Liveinslums NGO.