In their minds
Project info

We realize our thoughts through images, even our dreams are images.
​Still or moving images in dematerialized form.
Each moment created countless images from human thoughts of the global population .
Only a small percentage is transmitted verbally or transformed into writing and acquires material substance. All other lost forever or stored in our memory for some time until to lose them too.
Even if there was a way to convert all these thoughts into digital images, it might be impossible to store them with the current technology.

​This project consists of diptychs in which the first image has human presence while the second does not.
It's a photographic attempt via conceptual, or visual correlations, or even abstracted cohesions, so to ''read'' their deeper conscious or unconscious thoughts of those people, at that specific moment of the click.
​Of course this is my arbitrary approximation between reality and my imagination and everyone could make his own conjectures.