Temps d'arrêt / Break time
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Wild exhibition on https://youtu.be/B6V21J1xRkc
Waiting for a bus or a tram. Without impatience.
Resting for a while, thinking of nothing, or just about what really matters.
Days go by. Sitting down and wondering at everyday life. Dodging the routine, the absurd.
In short, to install a break time.

The real world ? Often there is fear, chaos. Or boredom.
Everywhere screens, like shields of glass: screens of televisions, computers, phones...
Everywhere screens - and also the camera screen - as if to glaze over the real.
Putting it in a box to protect ourselves from it, to disguise it or to be entertained.
And sometimes, to try to enchant the real.

Reflections of true artists drive somehow my work :
- Pour qu’une chose soit intéressante, il suffit de la regarder longtemps.
* Anything becomes interesting if you look at it long enough.
Flaubert Lettre à Alfred Poitevin, sept. 1845)

- L’œuvre d’art : un arrêt du temps
* The work of art : a stop time.
Pierre Bonnard, Carnets.

- La présence physique de la couleur, la joie qu'elle me procure est au cœur de mes préoccupations.
* The physical presence of color, the joy it gives me is at the heart of my concerns.
Batho (interview)

- "Break time" is a series of thirty photographs.
- Printing by the author: Bonjet Paper Atelier Fiber 310 gr., Epson Pro 3880.
Each of the images limited to seven prints, all formats and media combined.

- Photos taken between July 2016 and September 2017
- Camera: Nikon D800 24-70 mm, 105 mm.