Internal fears
Project info

With this work I enter inside the world of the unreal, of the dreamlike and mysterious, where the vital anguish takes over the forms.
It is a metaphorical photograph charged with emotional tension, through which I express an entire world of internal sensations, such as heartbreaking anguish, internal fears and invisible phobias and through the work I try to exteriorize images.
Closed spaces with total abandonment where deformed figures, spectral, that appear to float blurred, aimless. I enter in an expressionist and phantasmagorical world, fruit of my subconscious. The camera acts as an escape valve from your mind to capture walls through which hands, arms and heads are displayed that are fixed motionless and silent, as they seem to decompose by the anguish and void of desolation they see in the interior .
A work where I highlight the strength and energy of a metaphorical and conceptual language that captures transient states in an indivisible photographic series.