Into the light
Project info

In Nice, where i live it rarely rains, It's really hard to miss the sun. Light is important factor for me and I try to capture moments where this light connects the graphic and the subject.
Sometimes near bodies in motion because I like this proximity, I like to feel imbedded in the photo, to hear the fragments of discussions, to feel the perfume of the people, to do it even if I do not appear, I feel part of the picture.
Sometimes I like to have this distance with the subject to be able to integrate it in the decoration. I am therefore much less intrusive, it is this light that guides my gaze.
Of course it is also this light that reveals all these colors, and it is also an important parameter for me. Nice is a city in the south of France where there is still an old town that has kept its charm and authenticity. I try to conjugate all this to get some chromie and fomres that blend at best.
And of course, last important parameter, the subject.
Human or animal, it is sometimes surprising, funny, endearing, naughty, sexy or not.
it 's it who will ultimately be decisive for the finality.
It is with all these criteria that I try to build a certain street photography.