Ludo. The man and the artist
Project info

Ludo was an artist, but first of all he was a man.
We knew each other a long time ago, it dates back to my childhood; his presence had always accompanied me, especially during summer when from France he used to come and spend the holidays in Piemonte.
But it is during my adolescence that his imprint has started to be stronger when I was able to observe closely his way of making art alternating painting and photography, two distinct kind of expression but naturally entwined as an enthusiastic
With this series of photos I would like to try to describe an existential journey choosing shots that belong to a time frame of about 15 years.
These images, like an intimate diary, are therefore traces of experiences lived together...walks, short trips, discussions and deep talks in the protected spaces of the houses, silences...
Memory inevitably works afterwards, seeks and finds the connections, the signs, the clues of a journey; as in the “Le petit Poucet” fairytale, each retrieved image is a pebble dropped along the path, essential now more than ever, anyway, not to find
his way back, but to move forward to capture the complexity of journey already done and following the invisible line that comes out from the frames.
Art had accompanied Ludo throughout all his life and had definitely let him getting through the difficult moments of his existence. Sincerity, willingness and passion are his fundamental teachings, as well as his extraordinary love for animals, like his
inseparables dogs.
I do not know what will come out from the pictures that I am presenting, I hope they will tell you about the strength, poetry, solitude and love that permeate the life of an artist.
Anyway, I want to pay tribute to this man, my cousin, my friend and my teacher who shared with me an important piece of life.