Project info

Solastalgia is a form of melancholy evoked by changes happened in the used-to-be familiar home context, a special kind of homesickness felt when one is still within his home environment.

In 2004, Australian philosopher Glenn Albrecht coined the term ‘solastalgia’ with the word ‘solace’ and ‘nostalgia’. Personally, nostalgia was experienced when I was away from my hometown while ‘solastalgia’ struck me as soon as I returned home and recognized the broken bond between my memories and current realities.

Unable to derive comfort from my home environment due to these changes, I redefined my emotional responses to the homeland that had changed. Fractured landscape appears in the process of urbanization. The hometown is becoming a place both hyperreal and metaphorical, familiar yet unknown. It is about the Chinese young generation’s uncertainties in the context of tremendous change.