Father and Son
Project info

“Father and Son”

Series focuses on how the world can be seen: children see things that are invisible to adults. Photographs presented in the series deliver a more general reflection on the world around us. They are a peaceful manifesto against greed, cynicism, war and materialism.

I became a father four years ago. One of the main starting point of the Father and Son project was my worry about the future. What kind of world we are building for our children? What will be our legacy for them?

All life come and begin from the nature. Why we are still systemically harming the nature? I’m interested in human’s consciousness and the underlying meaning of life. I’m studying in my project Father and Son how different way we can see the world around us. What the child sees that an adult maybe can not see?

My son draws with colors on my photographies. Child draws on top of the adults’ world. The works in the series combine the systemically made marks of the real world to the wild marks made by the child.

Sami Parkkinen 2017