Midlife Crises - Self images have gone onto slippery ice and broke into a thousand pieces
Project info

A series of self-portraits where I try to grab visually that I am going through a severe midlife crises right now. Since I found out I started to read upon, trying to understand it and It even got worse, as it was self-generating. I don't know where this is going, but needed to express it somehow. I'm uncertain about, exposing myself like that, but I believe I made these shots for some good reason at that crazy sunday, when I had a little time just to be myself. Maybe this will help me with dealing and healing. Something is dying in me, and nothing has been born yet. I am trying to be as patient and as self-loving as possible.
I'm 43 years old, have a wonderful wife Adrienn, who is the wisest person in my life (second wisest is me for marrying her). We have three amazing boys: Bonifác (7), who is taking first grade now in a waldorf school. Bátor and Huba (twins almost 6), both going to waldorf kindergarden.