Project info

The male figure has been displayed to show off the strength and influence it can have on society. ADAM was created to break every preconception that society has of traditional male masculinity to show the emotional position of the male body while showing vulnerability within the portraits.

Each male was photographed to express the longing for a significant other. Throughout my life, I have never been the person that was desired, placing my mind in a dark place. I was hurt; feeling as though I was never wanted by anyone. ADAM was my way of expressing the loneliness that I felt during those times and the shadowy thoughts that haunted my mind. In the end, I wanted to be the individual that the male subjects long to be with.

I created imagery that displays dark yet beautiful portraiture. The process is started by location scouting or shooting in a studio while conceptualizing, using all natural lighting. These works were circumscribed in black and white to emphasize the dark surroundings and exhibit the defenseless figure and openness of the vulnerable male subjects.