Frozen & In Motion
Project info

Frozen & In Motion is an extensive photography art project exploring the patterns and similarities of glacier ice and moving water. This project spans seven years and three continents. For work I photograph all kinds of things (take a look), but this for me is from my spirit and my heart. I find it incredibly interesting that the patterns seen in my subjects of ancient glacier ice and moving water are not only similar despite their complete opposite speeds but its implications for us as we are all so much water ourselves. For me these images are revealing of self in an abstract way. Images of moving water are almost exclusively captured @ 1/8000 of a second, while this ancient glacier ice is photographed at much slower shutter speeds. Frozen & In Motion as a body of work is extensive, and intended for print. I have no desire to ever end this project as it fills me with the boyish joy I first experienced when falling in love with photography. As an artist I hope to transmit a sense of wonder, a renewed experience of mystery and a deep appreciation for our fractal, vibrational realities. I hope you also find these images revealing of yourself in a new way.
- rk