Project info

Fed-up is an exploration of the emotional & physical healing properties of various herbs, flowers, seeds, nuts, & leaves, most of which are often used in teas to help alleviate symptoms brought on by poor diet & lifestyle choices.
Within my practice I often construct scenes & use self portraiture to express, explore, clarify and resolve, my thoughts in relation to personal issues which often apply to wider societal problems.
I initially became aware of the concept of minimalism & tea after becoming disillusioned by the pressures & expectations of modern lifestyle. We are expected to buy, consume, & medicate, whilst expecting instant gratification. We focus on what others have/what we don't, which long term is counterintuitive to our happiness, health & wellbeing. Many of the modern solutions come with their own minor side effects.
For centuries various cultures promote aspects of mindfulness, & minimalism, to promote a happier lifestyle.