Vesica Piscis
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Since the Age of Enlightenment, Man has particularly sought separation and supremacy over nature. Civilizations have ravished and plundered nature, regarding it as a utilitarian resource, based on their anthropocentric understanding of an effective world. Man had long before been granted control over the natural realm, and given the power to name and feed on other species, as mentioned in the Old Testament.

Paradoxically, the very conquest of nature, in combination with the alienation from it, promoted the idea of its sacredness. We have come to refer to nature in our quest to define the ideal; the natural represented virtue in that sense.

Today, one of the ways we have come to define nature is through terms such as “pristine” & “undisturbed by humans”. The photographs are an exploration of our estrangement from nature, our ambiguous definition of it, and our contradictory relationship with it, through interventions and symbolism, in equivocal grounds where the natural and the social construct overlap.