In a Manner of Speaking
Project info

The constant concern of my work has been to investigate the possibilities of creating an artistic language from the context of everyday life. Curiosity is the essential attitude underlying my approach to life, and also as the cornerstone of my artistic practice. By capturing or investigating the particular silent moments in everyday life, I’m exploring the relationship that exists between absence and existence. I believe in a ‘ poetry’ that exists under the skin of everyday objects.
Self-conscious engagement is an important part of my artistic practice, and I’m trying to use different sensation to achieve poetic engagement in my work as well. Photography, as a medium struggling with authenticity, offer varies possibility and playfulness between reality and illusion.
The curiosity of everyday objects and spontaneous resonance, the subtle connection between each other, the meticulous observation, makes the banal everyday into a world presence as kaleidoscope. Through seeing objects
out of any context, I hope to recapture the poetic quality and bizarre nature of everyday life that has been lost through a desire and drive to categorize, analyze and sort chaos. One aspect that is of special interest in the role that dreams play in creating a critical response through montage. By taking objects outside the linear story of a single experience, I hope to recapture the strangeness and ethereal quality of a dream through my own art practice.