Project info

The series explores the timelessness of the food that nurture us juxtaposed/compared to consumer goods. Life is dependent on food; food accompanies us from the beginning of our existence to the end, be it of the human race or our personal, individual lives. It is therefore a very relevant subject to work with to show continuity, despite it being so fundamental to life as such that it has no real status as a metaphor of continuity, it just exists, a banal presence, necessity or pleasure. But we are often unaware of how little the food we eat has changed; although nowadays we do not only eat to survive but also to enjoy the pleasure of food, a lot of the vegetables, fruits, meat and fish we find on our table have remained the same for hundreds, if not thousands of years. So compared to the technology we are surrounded by, there is a clear discrepancy between the constancy of what we really need and the torrent of devices and gadgets which quickly go out of date and are substituted with newer versions, all due to the market economy. I remember all of the objects in the photos and have used them with pleasure but I’m not sure that my children would know how to use them.
The series received a Silver at 2018 Px3 Paris Photography Prize in the Fine Art Still Life category.