The Life of My Unconscious Mind
Project info

From the moment of birth, the context of my life has revolved around superstitions, mysticism, psychics, mysteries and a spiritual journey.
My beliefs have been built based on my spiritual and personal experiences and from what I have witnessed in my life. From a very
young age my dreams have revealed premonitions of future events, visions of alternate life and most of all, the Pandora’s box of my
inner self. Because of the significance and level of detail in my dreams, it is hard to forget them. They have served not just as an oracle
and a fountain of knowledge, but also is a source of creativity and inspiration for many of my projects.
The purpose of this series is to invite the viewer into a personal journey of self-discovery. My dreams are the key to my inner self.
They represent who I am: my fears, my uncertainties, and my hopes. They reveal the mysteries of my life in an abstract manner, which
can be discovered and decoded through artistic expression. I intend to illustrate the stories as surreal abstractions of the dramatic
experiences created by my subconscious when I am sleeping. My fine art imagery is a consummation of my artistic life engaged in Photography, Theatrical productions and Plastic Art mediums. These images evoke a pure visual and perceptual experience. I want the viewer, after seeing my work, to be able to relate it to his/her
own Unconscious Mind and I also hope to be able to draw them into mine. They can be inspired to interpret the symbology and relate
these images to their own thoughts and dreams– an act which I believe is possible due to our collective experience as a humanity.
These photographs can be broken down layer-by-layer, texture-by-texture, and color-by-color– in order to discover the meaning in