Mom at work
Project info

- Where can a mom work with a small child?
- For are mother of 3-year-old child to find a job is unrealistic...
- Mothers of sickly children, what job can we do??
- Where can I work with 2, 3 ... children? - is often asked online questions from women with children.

In the traditional patriarchal society it's considered a rule that the man is the head of the family and has to provide for the family while the woman cares for the family hearth and children. A lot of women really dream about meeting a man who would take responsibility both for her and her children. But real life is different as families break up or never get created in the first places, the husband doesn't earn enough to provide for his family or, and that's a more frequent situation nowadays, the woman feels the need for self-fulfillment not only in motherhood but in creativity. It's an advantage when the mother can be substituted in the family by grandmothers, other relatives or babysitter. A kindergarten providing care up to seven p.m. can be also helpful. However, it's more frequent when the woman has to juggle family and work/ hobby. My project is about women, who, due to various reasons, have to work or do things they like in the presence of their children. For some of them it's more than just a hobby, and the financial income isn't that important because for them it's a way to survive. I tried to show the range of professions where a woman can work in the presence of her children. As I myself don't have an opportunity to leave my child with anybody while I work, I take her everywhere with me. My youngest daugher Vasilisa appears in all the photos