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This is one image from a series of analogue photographs, from a project of visuals, you can see on my profile, created for a collection of poetry out on 01.05.2018 to be entitled gentle and tender, act of confession, plus another on 01.01.2019 to be entitled i shouldn't, must stop, both published by Autopsy.

Autopsy on the spine. (Dry humor)

The photographs were created when I visited Haworth in West Yorkshire. These pictures were taken in the graveyard beside the Bronte Parsonage.

Paul Hartnett the subject was Educated by Benedictine monks at an all boys Catholic school that has recently made the tabloids for all the wrong reasons with benedictine monk Andrew Kingston Charles Soper being found guilty of sexual offences on young boys.

Shaw the photographer is best known for documenting extreme subcultures, intertextualised via allusion with his personal stories that is reflected in all his work.