Fidel Castro's Memorial Service, Revolutionary Square, Santiago, Cuba
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Fidel Castro died November 25, 2016 after ruling Cuba from 1959 - 2008 and outlasting 9 US presidents. As his cremated ashes were driven from Havana to Santiago, Cubans lined the streets to pay their respects. Tens of thousands arrived for the memorial service in Revolutionary Square.

I did not have the opportunity to speak with dissidents or discuss Castro’s suppression of those who opposed his policies. Physical conditions are decayed and there has not been much economic growth for 50 years.

I was struck by the heartfelt sorrow expressed by the people. Many had the words “Yo Soy Fidel” written on their body. Children dressed as “worker bees,” or in the tell tale green uniform of the revolution. Adults wore the red and black armband marked with the infamous date of “26 Julio” when Castro first tried to overthrow the brutal dictator Batista. Others carried Cuban flags or wore them in their hair.

These images show Cubans attending Fidel Castro's Memorial Service in Revolutionary Square, Santiago, Cuba in December 2016.