Virtually Invisible
Project info

Virtually Invisible makes non-binary identities visible and serves as guidance for those whose identities collide with the pre-existing gender structure. Non-binary people don’t identify as men or women which can be a challenge within a society where a binary based model strongly determines the general course of human experience. It defines the kind of politics that are done and how does it feel to grow up as a trans person, non-binary or gender queer. Virtually Invisible tells said stories of growing up in this enviroment, the clashes with the official authorities and finding a path of your own.  

Non-binary people often have to defend their looks or gender expression, their new name or settle for the wrong pronouns. Upon photographing I wanted the participants to be in control determining the condition of the shoot on their own terms, thus attempting to dismantle and share the power between the photographer and the photographed. I captured the encounters into pictures that convey the subleties and tenderness, but most of all the strength to fight for the justification of remaining yourself. The portraits present the diversity in gender: there are as many ways to live as there are people, and each one deserves a closer look. It is not random or insignificant what themes artists undertake. Shared reality is created also by photographs, drawings and putting works into gallery walls. I hope that displaying the problems within the binary gender model assists in questioning the whole fixed and normative system.