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Project info

My current practice is based around the study of recreational spaces.

The piece I’m working on questions these areas and their ability to represent nature. Parklands and fringe land on the outskirts of cities have always fascinated me, I know they are needed as places for people to relax and escape from city living but to me they never feel quite right. There is always something that shatters the illusion of nature: the hum of the ring road, the presents of man’s interventions to control or create the ideal, the feeling of fear associated with dark empty roads or just too many other escape seekers.

I am presently working in a number of different mediums to investigate this area of interested but perhaps the most central is a film piece I’m making in collaboration with a writer, actor and composer. The work will be displayed on three screens and may encompass photography and some natural material bringing the audience into a more immersive experience.