Skid Row Downtown Los Angeles
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Located in Downtown Los Angeles, it started in 1870 with the arrival of the train and the great demand of workers. Single room Hotels were built to host mainly single men. During and after 1929’s Great Depression, it was the arrival point of all kinds of emigrants, farmers and workers of USA’s midwest , who abandoned their families. “Hobos” or “bums”, most of them alcoholic and feeling attracted to California’s weather and social organizations / missions that were built to help them. During and after the Second World War and Viet Nam’s conflict, many military and young dwellers stayed at Skid Row Missions for a short period of time, or definitevely. From having old, white and alcoholic inhabitants, to young, interracial and drug addict people.

In 1960, little hotels built during the Great Depression didn’t meet the safety codes, becoming social homes for extremely low-income , substance dependent and / or mentally unstable persons. The 1990 crisis stroke mid class families, increasing Skid Row’s population. It was the beginning of the tent era on the street pavements. 2007 World’s crisis increased even more the number of people living in Skid Row. Around 5000 estimated tents, together with the “single rooms”. Today’s DTLA gentrification clashes with reality. Skid Row is surrounded by lofts inhabited by hipsters, artists and real-estate speculators. Many campers can’t stand single room’s strict laws, returning to the streets where rats eat their tents making a hole to get through.

Skid Row is an isle at DTLA, having its own rules and laws. An ecosystem with its own economy. A scenery like “The Day After”, dressed with crack and crystal, breaking out with daily.