Chinese Tableaux
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“In ‘Chinese Tableaux’ by Yves Gellie, images devoted to China always contain a theatrical dimension, as well as the most banal ordinariness of the daily lives of a population in the midst of change, and contradictions can be seen between the desperate lives of workers and the lavish parties given by the nouveau riche of Beijing, between the militant murals which are no better than maoist communism ones as well as the omnipresence of matter, the flourescent plastic seen in most of the photographs.” “He has invented what could be called “multimedia documentary”, with no arrival or zenith and which tries to restore, at a daily level and without emotion nor hold over subjectivity that which, for a Chinese person, is the banality of every day and for a Westerner an often watertight exoticism”. Dominique Baqué / Art Press May 2008