look don't look
Project info

A selection from the series 'look don't look' shot in Jerusalem, January 2018 (previously unpublished)

Q+ How do I establish visual contact with men who are encouraged to practice ‚shmirat eynayim’ meaning to guard their eyes from indecencies, mainly in form of women dressed in immodest fashion?
My eyes are wide open. I embrace the good, the bad, the ugly, the indecent. I relate through my lens, looking for this brief moment when there is a connection.
A+ My intend is to blend in, best expressed through modest clothes and decent demeanor. Tattoos all covered, long sleeves, long dress, hair tight back, camera hip level, tilteds screen.
I navigate modestly through the narrow streets and notice that both camera and myself are being noticed. I am met with curiosity, not awe. .
I take my photos. + eyes unprotected. + trusting.