“Beyond reality”
Project info

In this project, born in 2017 and still in development, I wanted to create an atmosphere in which reality and dream mix, full of pathos, energy and mystery.

I made these photographs at various times, I followed moments of personal inspiration, brought from experienced emotions or suggested by dreams. Are represented metamorphoses, hopes, worries and desires.

I have always loved everything that is art. The photographic medium has allowed me to bring out images and visions, to express parts of my inner world. It’s a method for exorcise anxieties, to find new urges to grow.
It’s beautiful the feeling of getting in the game every time, challenging your own imagination, creating curiosity in the observer.

I work through self portrait or with people, I like to investigate the unconscious, to bring out emotions through the processing of the shots, focusing on the body and his expressive potential; this method allows you to take an inner journey to better face the present, with more awareness, focusing on what you are experiencing.