The TreeSpirit Project by Jack Gescheidt
Project info

Jack Gescheidt began photographing humans—naked and vulnerable among trees—as a way to express and share his deep, lifelong affection for trees and the natural world. He later discovered that making the photographs as publicized events could civic public and media attention to the environmental cause of preserving and valuing trees and forests everywhere.

The TreeSpirit Project has expanded into collection of over 150 fine art photographs dramatizing the interdependence—and fragility of—trees, forests, and human beings.

The images, created for over twelve years and ongoing, supports an environmental mission: to raise awareness of the crucial role of forests in Earth’s ecosystem, and the greatest existential threat now facing humankind: global warming. All the participants are ordinary people who dare to show tenderness for, and affection for, trees.

Trees are a diminishing and threatened species that live all around us, sustain us and nurture us, if only we recognize it and act in time. Jack travels and speaks on how essential trees are to us ecologically, psychological, emotionally, and spiritually.