Female gaze
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"The acceptance of woman as object of the desiring male gaze in the visual arts is so universal that for a woman to question or draw attention to this fact is to invite derision, to reveal herself as one who does not understand the sophisticated strategies of high culture and takes art "too literally," and is therefore unable to respond to aesthetic discourses. This is of course maintained within a world - a cultural and academic world - which is dominated by male power and, often unconscious, patriarchal attitudes.” - Linda Nochlin

This quote (and the rest of the book "Women, Art, and Power and Other Essays") made me think deeper - not about the male gaze, but about the female gaze. What is the women's gaze?
Do women unconsciously censure their opinions, or edit their photographs and visual work in a certain (female) way - either by the desire to act "properly" or in fear of harming someone or stepping over the line of whats acceptable in our society? Do I make and edit my images in a lady-like manner? Am I afraid? Should I act in another way? Do I need to be fearless and reckless to step out of the role as a female photographer, and into the role as a genderless photographer or artist?

In "Female gaze" I've tried to have a deeper look at my own gaze. In a somewhat random manner I have looked trough my camera-roll from the last couple of months to see if it could offer me some hints or answers. I can't help thinking that female artists might have a tendency to capture what we could call the essence of being woman. (Or is it just me?)

The images is made with my phone.