Entre Nubes
Project info

"Entre Nubes” takes place in an informal neighborhood next to a natural reserve in the outskirts of Bogotá. Here, victims of the armed conflict, ex-military, ex-guerrilla, native peoples, afro peoples and economically displaced families from within Bogotá converge, revealing intricate testimonies from Colombia’s complicated story, its hopes, and hardships.

Many neighborhoods in the south of Bogotá were initially self-established until their eventual legalization. San German is a living testament of this process, and its residents strive for more dignified conditions under precarious circumstances.

Living in an “invasion” neighborhood implies living in a marginal Bogotá. In this Bogotá, land is constantly disputed, the police don't arrive, and violence is often first choice in conflict resolution, where the law favors the interests of those who yield more power. Alliances are fragile and can be bought with money or fear. Nevertheless, the people who live here are resilient and determined to stand tall.