Identically Different
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People who just meet Laurens and Yentl, think they have forever been brother and sister. Nothing reveals otherwise...

This story is about an identical twin, born on 20 July 1996. They are 'mono-mono' twins, not only sharing the womb but also one amniotic sac and a single placenta. Two people cannot be more identical than that. They grew up in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and pretty much the only physical difference between them when they grew up was 3 cm difference in height.

While others always treated them as 'one'; they knew from a young age all too well how different they were. I met them shortly after one of them had surgery, in the beginning of 2016. After a process of years one of them made the profound decision to follow his long-felt, true identity… Laura became Laurens. This choice led to both Laurens and Yentl having to discover who they really are, as an individual and as twins. I followed them through the process of self-discovery and claim for identity.

The project is still ongoing and I will continue documenting their lives.